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A Blast From the Past

Here I am as I was before Now.  

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From  Mrs. Thompson's Class. February 1970

Summer of 1972 1976 Alpha Chi Presentation with Tree's Little sister, Beth 1978. This is the pic I had made for application to Universities Le Car and I

 Margie C. and I NY Central Park.  The blue coat was puchaced in '73 and I still wear it today.  Bug and Bob get married in Franklin, TN.  1979  The Grateful Dead 1980

    Warrens Point  Granddaddy Ewing's childhood Home  with Daddy and My Sisters at Granddaddy's Home  

Self Portrait 1980   Mark, Amy, Eddie and I get ready for the Dead

The End of Le Car. I was not in it. Dinner with Geri 1982 Chatooga River 1983 Chatooga River 1983
  The Gang,  1985  Betsy F., John G. and I.  1986

   Kent and I at her wedding 1985? (help me out) Robert and I Summer 1988 Summer 1988 over Fiery Gizzard Creek

A Couple of Terrapins  These are actually my Stubs laid down on a scanner. Seventy-Four Grateful Dead Concerts.  WALSTIB!!!

My 30th birthday.  We went from here to the Rolling Stones Concert at the Gatorbowl. 1989 Bob becomes Bishop 1989 ? (help please) Suzuki DR 200 1989

 KDX 200, 1991  A day I will not Forget 1993 Jimmy C. and I in a Cave Up In The Hills  Rick and Ann, Buddy and Connie, and I at my Wedding 1995

Best Man, Groomsmen, Ringbearers and I at My Wedding 1995  Taylor, Robert, and I at My Wedding 1995  Lori and I at our Wedding 1995 

Daddy making a Toast at my Wedding 1995   Trying to Stay on Time   Ocala National Forrest

KTM 300 exc  1996  Song  with My Sisters at my 40th Birthday Party

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