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Andrew Ewing !!!
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me 1999  

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My Background

I was born in Nashville, TN.
I am a Child of God, father of Catherine and Sara, and a descendant of Andrew Ewing, the first Clerk of the County Court of Davidson County.
I had the great fortune to spend my early summers in Monteagle Sunday School Assembly.
I went to Julia Greene Elementary School and Battle Ground Academy.
I also attended and graduated from Hillsboro High School in 1978.
Then I left Nashville for Jacksonville University Class of '82  BFA
I would love to hear from some of my old running mates from those days.
In Summer of 1982 I got a job at the Public Defenders Office in Jacksonville where I currently work
as an Investigator.  Email me there
I have two daughter and love learning to be a good father,
I have 28 years experience as a criminal defense investigator, and
have the respect of my supervisors and my peers.

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My Interests

Grateful Dead,
Bicycling, Off Road Motorcycle Sports,   



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Ewing Family

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My Personal Records

1966 Winner of Kool-Aid coloring contest for 5-7 year olds
1972 Winner Greased Watermelon Contest, Monteagle
1980-1995  Experienced 74 Grateful Dead Shows
March 4, 1993 Alligator Enduro  First Place  B-200
June 2, 1996 Scrub Oak Enduro First Place Vet-B
1996 FTR Championship Enduro Series Second Place Vet-B

At the Office

1996-1997 Team Performance Award
1998-1999  Sustained Exemplary Performance Award
2000  Special Team Award for Acquittal of Brenton Butler
2002 Investigations Peer Review Award


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