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Archives of  Pictures from The Ewing Site.


Sara Frances Ewing

Last updated May 20,  2001.

Sara was born September 6, 1998.
Sara weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces.  She was 18.75 inches long.
Here are some recent pictures of Sara.  Come back often because she
is growing up fast.

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Happy Birthday. September 6, 1998. WOW March 1999  

Swingin' in the Backyard. April 1999 Dcp00089.jpg (163413 bytes) 

Mobile Mobile Beep Beep Strawberry Blonde? 

June 1999 June 1999 One

Sara playing at her First Birthday     I climbed up here all by myself. Sept 99

Easter 1999 dcp00760.jpg (112321 bytes) Christmas 1999

New Years Eve 1999  More Archives



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