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Archives of  Pictures from The Ewing Site
Featuring Catherine Keeble Ewing

Last updated May 20, 2001.

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March 1998. Looking at the Ewing Family web site. June 1998 June 1998 at the Hall's pool

August 1998 at the China Cat Sunflower Festival. Photo by Turner. 

Catie's Comet

Comet Hale Bopp.  When Catie was born this Comet was visiting us and very visible.
In fact, Daddy saw it on the way home from the birthing.  It may have looked more like this.

Poccahantas. Halloween 1998 Christmas 1998 February 1999

March 1999 Aunt Christy's Birthday gift to Catherine and Sara, April 1999 Dcp00175.jpg (167942 bytes)

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