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Ethernet 10/100 Base T network connecting all of your PC's.  This enables file sharing, drive sharing, printer sharing, and even internet connection sharing if desired.  I can do it for less than the big guys due to low overhead.  As a criminal defense investigator I can appreciate the need for a reliable office or home network.  I am Andrew Ewing III.  I am also available to help with any PC Installations, Upgrades or Troubleshoot when you you just can't find the answer to Windows Weirdness.

How much?  My fees are for the time I spend installing any needed hardware and Category 5 cable and are based on the number of and location of the computers, cabling, and the features you desire.  Hardware costs are low and your PC's may already have some of the hardware needed. I will come to your office or home and give you a firm quote at no cost to you.  All services are mix and match so if there are things you want to do yourself or if you feel the need to negotiate, please do not hesitate. Here are some things you can tell me in order for me to give you a quote quickly.

Hardware: I prefer to use only good quality 3 Com hardware which I prefer to choose as required by the job.  I do not mark-up parts. You pay exactly what I pay.  Parts receipts are yours if you need them to document the cost.  If your PC already has a network adapter or you have a hub you want to use, I will try to use them but I can not guarantee  the results or those parts. 

Internet Connection Sharing:  This is especially desirable if you use a cable modem or DSL with a full time connection to the internet.  All PC's which are on the network can access the internet through a proxy server which is installed on the PC connected.  There is a one-time license cost to license the software.  It is $45.00.  This software will also work with a dial-up connection but it is somewhat tricky for the average user.  Still if you use the internet frequently and are tired of having to wait until someone else is done so that you can connect, then it is a worthwhile add on as long as you are setting up a network.  Alternatively, a cable or DSL router can be used behind the modem.  This is more expensive but  allows access from any computer without the proxy computer running. 

ICS will work with any ISP but may be a violation of the ISP's Terms of Service.

Maintenance:  Because I know I can build you a reliable network, I am willing to offer an unlimited maintenance plan.  A one time fee of $125 for a 3 PC network gives you a lifetime service plan.  Add  $50 for each additional PC.  Add $50 for Internet Connection Sharing. You will get the benefit of unlimited visits to your home or office to handle any problems, questions or changes to the configuration of the existing network for the life of that network.  Visits will be made  during lunch or after 5 PM  by the second weekday after your call.  Holidays and vacations are excluded.  Vacations will be announced  far in advance and will be no more than six weeks per calendar year.  Parts are not covered under this plan but are covered by the manufactures warranty. Moving the network is not included for this service but can be arranged at a significant discount for existing customers.  

If this sounds like something you need in your home or office, contact me for a free consultation and quote.  References available on request.  If you know anyone else in the Jacksonville Florida area who might need my service please send this page to them.

Andrew Ewing  904-268-9289

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