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A Documentary of Saturday at Our Home

On Saturday, Daddy does not have to go to work. 
We love Saturday and sometimes Daddy takes us out shopping or somewhere that he needs to go. 
But a lot of time we stay home.  This page shows and tells what we do at home on Saturday.

Coffee Daddy     Here is our Newspaper    Reading the Paper

Someone wakes Daddy up and we help him make Coffee.  Then we get the paper and read it.

Waking Up    Breakfast on the Go    The Sun Is Up

Daddy gets us dressed and fed and we go outside if it is good weather.

Sweeping    Nap    Lunch

After some work and play, Sara gets a nap.  Sometimes she sleeps right through Lunch.

TV    Snack    P0001101.jpg (305091 bytes)

We have a TV in our room but we like to play outside.

P0001102.jpg (139444 bytes)     P0001085.jpg (186461 bytes)     Cooking

If the Weather is not good we can play in our room or help Mommy bake.

     Lamb Shank     Dinner

Daddy likes to Grill some Meat while we Eat.

Bath    Good Night    Bed

Then we take a bath, put on our pajamas, read some books, and get into bed.

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